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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 in Review


   HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I am here to talk about the past year and what's coming. No, not about how it's the end of the world on December 21st, 2012 but how it is the year of life changing experiences. To the average American, everything seems pretty alright but that is because of the cover ups in 2011. The media does a great job of making bad things look like good things. Anyways...

   2011 in review starts right about now.......

  • With many people waking up on January 1st hung over, it also brought a year to never, ever forget. 
  • January : Estonia adopted the Euro as its currency, being the 17th country to join the EU. It's not exactly the importance of Estonia adopting the Euro currency but the currency itself. Which I will get into later. We came across a devastating act of violence in Tuscon, Arizona where a crazed man shot 19 people and killed 6 of them. In Brazil a storm where flooding killed 903 people. 37 people are killed and more than 180 others wounded in a bombing at Domodedovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia.
  • All of February was hectic overseas resulting in the Arab Spring protests, especially in Egypt. 
  • March : a 9.1 magnitude earthquake struck in east Japan resulting in a tsunami which killed around 16,000 and a little over 3,000 missing. This also destroyed 4 nuclear power plants which went into meltdown mode. The nuclear waste is still burning down through the earth. Radioactivity remains high in Japan. The jet stream winds have picked up this radioactivity and spread it over the USA and into Europe. Unrest in Libya where US and NATO forces started bombing Libya to bring Muammar Gaddafi to justice for personal US and NATO reasons. 
  • April 29th : Prince William and Kate Middleton wed in a ceremony witnessed by about 2 billion people around the world. 
  • April was also a month of unrest in much of the Middle East due to the Arab Spring protests getting larger, more violent and the constant bombing of Libya. 
  • May 1st : President Barack Hussein Obama delivers a message to the US and the entire world that the US forces have captured and killed Osama bin Laden during a military operation in Pakistan. 
  • May was also a month of widespread protests. Bombings continue. The European Union starts to talk about the Euro crisis and the imploding economies of certain countries. Starting with Portugal which was granted about €78 billion ( euros ) to try an help save the bankrupt economy. 
Devastation in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami

Arab Spring protests in Syria

    Let's take a break right about here and discuss a few things. Violence was plentiful. Whether it be caused by humans or mother nature. The US still at war with Iraq and Afghanistan for unknown reasons. Remember years ago? Those countries 100% had WMD's (weapons of mass destruction). After years, we didn't find any but the war resumed. Not only were we losing the wars in the Middle East, we were losing the drug wars as well. It has been about over 40 years now that we have been fighting the war on drugs. 

   The drug war annually costs about anywhere from 15-50 billion dollars a year. Laughable right? If you go to this neat little website.... 

It will show you in real time how much money is being spent on the drug war. Today is January 4th, 2012 and it shows that the amount of money spent so far is about a quarter of a billion dollars. Four days into the new year and already about 22,000 arrests have been made due to drugs. Over 50% of those being non-violent marijuana smokers. Talk about ridiculous. 

  Another war we are losing is the economy. The 1% of the richest people in the world hoard the money for themselves whether or not they collected that money legally. We have been witnessing huge companies like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae illegally collecting money. In the end they needed financial assistance from the government to bail them out while their CEO's got a $2.3 million dollar bonus. This fraudulent activity went purposely unnoticed. Tisk, tisk. 

  The Euro had a bad ending during 2011. 2012 it is expected that the Euro will collapse and cause havoc that will be felt all across Europe, the United States and the rest of the world. The US will also encounter big problems in 2012 due to its "kicking the can down the road". We expect the road to come to a halt to where you can't kick the can down anymore. Many economists such as Gerald Celente of Trends Research have predicted some sort of economic martial law this new year. If there is a bank holiday, don't be surprised he also stated. 

President Obama announces Osama bin Laden death on May 1st, 2011

  May was a pretty important month. It started with the killing of Osama bin Laden. Many conspiracy theorists have been saying that this was a ritualistic tradition. If you look up May 1st, it indeed shows many significant events taking place on this date in the past 300 years. Also, Ron Paul announced his running for the presidency of 2012. Ron Paul ran in 2008 but had somewhat of a hard time grasping peoples attentions. Now that the economy has a whole package of bandages on it, Ron Pauls message has been very attractive in 2011 than it ever has before. He just came in third place at the Iowa Caucuses trailing very closely behind Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. Many people have been saying that the counting of the votes was suddenly moved to a "secret location" because of the agenda of the establishment and mainstream media. Herman Cain also joined the road to the White House but his campaign lasted a few months due to having too many mistresses come up and accuse Herman Cain of sexual harassment. Finally, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, also decided to run for president. Now let's get back into what rolled out in the second half of the year....

2012 presidential candidates 

Illustration of the collapse of EU member countries

  • June : tensions grow in the Middle East. Bombing continues. The EU confirms Italy, Greece, Ireland, Spain, and Belgium are at risk of collapse. The media identifies Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Michelle Bachmann as front runners, leaving Ron Paul nowhere to be heard. 

  • July : NASA concludes its space program. Tensions double in the Middle East. On July 22nd, Norway experiences the worst "terrorist attacks" in its quiet history. 76 people were killed when a bomb blew up in Oslo, and a madman went on a shooting spree. July 31st brought more horrible acts. 121 people were killed by the Syrian army in a tank raid. An estimated 3,000 people through out Syria died due to the Arab Spring getting extremely violent. Also, in Thailand, $45 billion dollars was estimated in damages due to flooding from storms. About 800 people have died. 
Mass flooding in Thailand

Oslo, Norway terrorist attack aftermath

A couple sitting on what was left of their home after Hurricane Irene

  • August : Hurricane Irene batters the entire East coast in one of the worst hurricanes in decades. $10 billion dollars in damages and 47 deaths. Millions of people were without power for quite some time. Al Qaeda backed Libyan rebels overthrow Muamar Gaddafis government in Tripoli. Tensions across the Middle East continue on a steady hike. Comet Elenin takes a seat in the spot light as a comet that might impact Earth. Then asteroid 2005YU55  also enters the spot light but has  more reason to considering it was the largest and closest asteroid to Earth in a very long time. 

Hurricane Irene from Outer Space

  • September : Huge wildfires in Texas destroy about 2,900 houses and burned up almost 3,900,00 acres of Texas. Smoke from wildfires can be seen from space. September 11 memorial services held across the country. The beginning of the revolutions and protests starting in America and then further spreading to 100's of countries. Republican debates cause a frenzy in the media with blacking out Ron Paul from the mainstream news. Mitt Romney and Rick Perry again the mainstreams picks. Herman Cain making headlines as well. 

Smoke seen as a result of the Texas wildfires from Outer Space

  • October : Tensions in the Middle East are flaring. Muammar Gaddafi murdered. The US and NATO give Al Qaeda control of new Libya. 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Turkey kills 604 people. A car bombing in Somalia kills 100 people. Cambodia's Mekong River overflows and kills 207. The EU admits Euro is on verge of collapse. Riots break out in Greece due to collapse of economy. Occupy Wall Street makes headlines and spreads even more. Ron Paul's money bomb raises $3 million dollars in 3 days. The sun starts to really act up with huge magnetic fields harboring C-Class flares. Sun spots getting bigger and of more consistency. Steve Jobs dead at 56 due to cancer. 

Occupy Wall Street protest in NYC

Steve Jobs : Inventor of Apple 

Asteroid 2005 YU-55 passes by Earth 11/9/11
  • November : Asteroid 2005YU55 zips by in between the Moon and Earth on 11/9/11. NASA captures pictures of the asteroid. NDAA bill finally emerging into the media. Congress reaches its all time lowest approval rating in history. Hermain Cain gets battered with a sexual harassment allegations, lowers in polls. Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich raise in polls. Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann lower in polls slightly. Media keeps trying to black out Ron Paul. Joblessness stays the same. No increase in growth of US economy. EU making more headlines that Euro is unstable and more countries result in danger level, economy wise. Occupy Wall Street protests make headlines spread to about a total of 1,500 cities. 
Ron Paul although in the top tier, gets least amount of coverage

  • December : Herman Cain announces end of campaign. Newt Gingrich rises to the top of polls. Ron Paul is still blacked out from the media. President Barack Obama announces end to the war in Iraq and that the troops will be all brought home before the new year. Tropical Storm Washi in the Philippines kills around 1,300 people. Huge retail stores prepare for busy Christmas season. Even though the economy is garbage, people still spent record numbers. Shopping madness results in pepper spraying people for waffle makers and plenty of shootings. Online spending up 15% from last year for new record. Gold and Silver pricing reach new record highs. Gun sales resulted in record highs with the amount of background checks to be about 16,000,000. President Obama on December 31st, signed into law the NDAA, which puts anyone at risk of being detained without warrant, proof of guilt, and labels anyone a threat even by going on a frowned upon website (even if it's on accident). 

Black Friday shoppers waiting in line during early morning hours

NDAA was signed by President Obama on December 31st, 2011 : Happy New Year!

   Now, to be honest, this year I have gotten into some pretty deep studying about pretty much everything. Let me tell you right now that 2011 was bad but 2012 will in fact be a lot worse. Not to scare anyone reading but the life that we all once had and loved will no longer be the same in 2012. As you have read above, tensions keep rising in the Middle East. Economists are saying that by the 2nd half of 2012, we will be in another war. This time with Iran. Why is this significant? Iran is the 3rd largest exporter of oil in the entire world. Once they cut that from the world you can bet on gas prices being up. Possibly doubling. Another and more serious worry about a war with Iran is that Iran has allies. Who are their allies? Russia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. Some of the biggest super powers in the world will side with Iran. Russia has already positioned some of its Naval ships around the entire areas in the Middle East. 

With all the movies and video games they are putting out today
are they trying to get us ready for something?

  The first world war was pretty simple. The second world war they had airplanes and big bombs, which made it a lot more deadly. A third world war, including many super power countries, can almost guarantee a ton of faster planes with bigger, more effective missiles, thermo-nuclear bombs, and more deadly than most people think. Some people may think that I am biased when it comes to politics but to be completely honest, Ron Paul is the only sane candidate running for the presidency. All of the other candidates are FOR this war with Iran. Ron Paul is the only one against the war. On top of all that, Ron Paul receives more donations from the US Army than all other candidates combined, including Obama.

  I always get into blabbing away about things but that is just how I am. I consider myself passionate about this country. I feel as if America was once a beautiful and amazing place. Now, because of huge corporate companies having control over our government has introduced us to fascism. When corporate entities intermingle with politics. When politicians can be paid off to pass a certain bill in favor of that certain company/business. 

  The time has come ladies and gentlemen. We can no longer kick the can down the road. This global economy is like a cancer. The longer we take to actually fix it, the worse it is going to become. It is time to put down your drinks and pay attention to what is really going on. How many of you hate liars? I am pretty sure all of you do. Every candidate running for the presidency is a liar, except Ron Paul. This is a legit statement. I have tried finding dirt on all candidates and I did, except for Ron Paul. He is the only one that can make 2013, a recovery year for all of us. Not only here in America but around the world. I will be writing an article about Ron Paul in the next few days to show everyone that he really is a very good and caring man that just wants to obey the Constitution of the United States of America, that was written by our founding fathers. 

  It is time to make America good again. It is time to bring back the American Dream. No longer will we have to be asleep to have a taste of the American Dream. Some of us have been blessed to be alive and well but many of us are losing this. With record amounts of people on prescription pills, record amounts of cancers, record amounts of corruption in government, record amounts of lost wars, record amounts of people imprisoned for petty crimes, record amounts of people not knowing anything about our elected officials, record amounts of un-informed people, record amounts of debt whether it be for college loans, credit cards, or the entire countries debt, and record amounts of lost faith in what life really is about. It is time to think outside of the box. Help people who are stuck inside the box. Spread the word about Ron Paul. Spread the word about this blog. Many people ask me, why I am so obsessed over this kind of stuff. The answer is, because I care about my life, your life, your family's life, my kids' lives, your kids' lives, the future of The United States and the rest of the world. 

  In the meantime, spend time with your family. Make some good, real friends. It's okay to enjoy yourself as long as you aren't selfish. Life gives to you, what you give to life. Pay attention. Know what's going on. Peace and love are the only winners at the end of the day. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Say Goodbye to Organic Food....FOREVER

     Hello my fellow blogthusiasts. I am back. This time writing about the way our government handles our food. Let's start off with this video. What the guy in charge says is simply ridiculous. I actually laughed at how dumb the words were when they came out of this individuals mouth.

    Now, after watching that how do you feel? Welcome to the introduction of the rising of the commi-Nazi food state. Where the government has the authority to step in and destroy all of your fresh produce, which the mentally challenged gentleman described as "bio-hazards". The fact is that the government doesn't care what you eat as long it is un-healthy. Every farmer growing for the government gets there seeds from huge companies like Monsanto or  Dupont. Genetically modified everything. Let's face it, the government loves sick people, because sick people make money. Just like the couple towards the end of the video said, you just feel better after eating organic, real food. Not the stuff the government wants you to eat. The poorly raised animals being fed genetically modified corn mixed with garbage and feces. Then get handled extremely grossly by government butchers, which then gets hauled off to your local monopoly supermarket, better known as Wal-Mart. The female in the middle of the video also states this, " It's alright for the USDA to let us kill ourselves eating McDonalds but this good, wholesome stuff isn't alright ". Makes sense right?

        Here is a picture of what McDonalds and many other places use to make their chicken nuggets.

    Let me explain to you what that pile of meat contains. All the scraps from chickens including tendons, muscle tissue, eyeballs, blood, hearts, liver and many other organs. All of that is put into a gigantic blender which mashes it into a nice paste like texture. Because of the fact that this stuff is CRAWLING with bacteria, they later wash the paste with AMMONIA. Ammonia is used as the main ingredient in fertilizers, refrigerants, fuel, various gases, and most known to be in cleaners such as Windex. After it is washed with Ammonia the meat smells and tastes horrible so they need to put in many artificially modified coloring, scent, and flavor. Remember that next time you order nuggets somewhere.

   Mechanically separated meats are found in many places all over the United States now. Europe does not allow genetically modified food, however this process for profit is certainly not limited to the Americas. In the mean time, try to eliminate all fast foods. Stop supporting huge stores like Wal-Mart, Target, or Jewel Oscos. The food might look really nice and good but at the same time a girl that gets plastic surgery, is known as having fake parts for that same effect. The government does NOT care about you. I repeat, the GOVERNMENT DOESN'T GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT YOU. They want to poison us. They want us to die slow. Just look around you and you will see that the world is become fat and sick. Like I said earlier in the article, the government loves sick people because a sick person is money, health = NO PROFIT. Have a great day. I am going to make myself some home made local farm raised mashed potatoes with local farm raised chicken breast accompanied by a fresh salad, also from a local grocer! Good eats!

Farm Fresh


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy The World

        Protesters gathered in Tokyo

       Today what has been started may be the biggest organized protest that the world has yet seen. From Tokyo to London, Seattle to New York, South Africa to Australia, protests are being carried out in just about every major city across the globe. In Italy the protests have gotten violent. Downtown Rome resembles London a few months ago with cars in the streets torched and windows of building smashed in. Italian protesters have also entered the Goldman Sachs office in Rome and vandalized as much as they possibly can. Whether it be throwing eggs or spray painting the walls. This is because the Italian people are angered towards Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi. People in Europe are also sick and tired of the big banks doing whatever they please with Greece most likely collapsing in the next month or two. Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, and many other countries overseas are experiencing a financial crisis. London is also participating in a peaceful protest of about 4,000 people.

       Yesterday, New York City was chaos when the protesters were marching down a street which was blocked off by police at the other end. When protesters saw what was happening they tried going passed the fences the NYPD put up. Many people were run over by cops on scooters and motorcycles, plenty were tackled to the ground and arrested. All of this happening after J.P. Morgan donated $4.6 million dollars to the NYPD, the biggest donation ever by J.P. Morgan. Lech Walesa, former president of Poland and Nobel Peace Prize winner that got rid of communism in Poland and made possible a free market economy in Poland is expected to show in the next few days. Well known people like Kanye West, Russel Simmons, Tom Morello, Dylan Ratigan, Lupe Fiasco and many other have shown up for support. The movement is getting bigger and bigger everyday and spreading like a wild fire. There are about 951 cities, in 82 counties now participating.  Below are pictures and a videos from what is happening around the world.

 Protesters beat cops!

Protester cheers as police vehicle burns
Thousands in background protesting

Angered protesters smashing windows and torching cars

Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine at Occupy L.A.

Occupy Seattle marches on

 Occupy Chicago 

Occupy Chicago: Thousands protest

Occupy New York City : 20,000 show up

Protests being organized for Oct. 15 all over Europe

Map of protests taking place in the U.S.

Luke Rudkowski in NYC reporting Oct. 14

Tim Schwartz in NYC captures a motorcycle cop running 
over a mans foot. No one does anything. As soon as the
man kicks the bike off cops attack him and then arrest him

Thursday, October 13, 2011


       Poison. Let me explain. There is a huge company called Monsanto. They genetically engineer seeds. Seeds for corn, soybean, wheat, and pretty much any grain. These seeds are then given to farmers. The farmers then grow the seeds into their final product. A genetically modified organism that we later consume. Did you know that food companies don't even have to label if the food is all natural or genetically modified? Yup, that's right. Your favorite cereals all the way to fruits can be modified. For what purpose would they do such a thing? Let's go on even further.

       Money. It is so beneficial for these mega companies to make there own seeds. These seeds contain DNA of which is not normal when compared to another seed of the same but natural item. Ever heard of "Roundup"? Monsanto also makes pesticides! What a great combination. Food and pesticides in one place, literally. They take the DNA from powerful and poisonous pesticides and insert it into the seeds from which then are grown. Let me ask you a question. Would you eat genetically modified foods? Do you think it's okay that companies do not label the foods that are made from these seeds?

      Even the "healthy", "All Natural", cereals on our store shelves are now being made with the corn and grains that have been modified. Let's take a shot of Roundup to celebrate! Scientists from all over the world have been investigating these seeds and experimenting with mice to see what effect they have on them. Shockingly, the mice that ate the foods derived from the modified seeds had a 70% higher chance of getting cancer than that of a mouse that has been eating the non modified foods. The reason for this is because of the chemical reactions in our bodies to the altered DNA in the foods.

      If you are a fan of milk, here is another thing to watch out for. Milk comes from cows. Cows are fed corn. That corn was grown from a GMO (genetically modified organism) which means the milk that the cow produces if full of this stuff. Sadly, their isn't much we can do. The real all natural food items are super expensive and with the next world war coming it will get even more expensive. The fact that the FDA does not require the labeling of these products is a turn off. But if these government backed mega corporations keep doing this we will see a huge die off of humans in the decades to come due to cancer. Cancer in fact has tripled in the passed 40-50 years.

      It is time to be careful what you eat. Cornucopia is a research firm based in Wisconsin that has on their website, a list of healthy and organic cereals here www. People who know me know that I am very against pretty much everything that our government is doing. I am trying to take the right precautions. You should too. Watch what you eat or it'll kill ya, literally......

To be taken seriously


       I have just gotten word that the bombs that the U.S. has given to Israel two weeks ago will be used to bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran. Russia and China are both against the plan and due to recent meetings between the Russian and Chinese governments shows that their relationships are getting stronger. Last week at a NATO meeting in NYC, Russia and China both agreed to VETO the war bill the U.S. wanted to pass for a green light to bomb Syria. As soon as this happened the American representative at the meeting stormed out of the meeting. This shows how anxious the U.S. is to go to war.

      Sadly, this is all true. This is no longer a game. People need to wake up because our lives are capable of being threatened. Along with this, the U.S. tried plotting a fake terror plot this passed week. Officials have told many news agencies that an Iranian terrorist was planning on bombing the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C. and planning to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador to Washington. This was false. This was made up to cover up Operation Fast & Furious between the Feds and the Mexican drug cartels and with what is going on with the banks in the U.S. and the E.U. The U.S. has been giving the cartels the weapons to go about with there duties of drug smuggling. The Feds have been helping smuggle tons of cocaine into the U.S. through the borders. The banks in Europe continue to crumble. Greece is expected to collapse next month. This will start a domino effect on other nations in the European Union to collapse as well.

       I will have more info later. As of right now, the next two to three weeks be on the look out for the bombings overseas. Like I said before Russia and China have been very friendly with each other this past year and especially in recent months. Russia has almost as many nuclear bombs as the U.S. does and with the financial backing of China this war can be devastating. Martial law might also be declared when Iran is bombed by Israeli and U.S. forces. Check back for more info.

Chinese President Hu Jintao, right, greets Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin prior to talks at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Oct. 12, 2011.

Obama this morning at a press conference talking about how the U.S. will take action against them if they decide to go forward with their mission to kill Saudi ambassador to Washington. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Legal and Illegal Drugs...What's happening?

        We all tend to wonder about the wars on drugs. Most people know it fails every year but do people know how much it costs? This year alone the U.S. has spent almost 41 billion dollars and the year isn't even over. California, one of the first states to make it medically legal, has made about 3 billion dollars from the taxes on medical marijuana. If you can multiply that figure times 50 states, that is a lot of profit for the states to use to help out the economy. Instead we spend anywhere between 25-40 billion a year fighting a war on drugs that has failed every year since the year 1971, under the Nixon presidency.

Millions of people love Cannabis, but why? Many reasons.

         One of the most dominant reasons for pot being illegal is the big pharmaceutical companies that are hungrier than a pack of wolves in an Alaskan forest. Unfortunately, healthy people don't make money and sick people do. Who takes advantage of this? Companies you probably have never even heard of before. These giants can make anywhere from 10 to 80 billion dollars in profit every YEAR. Let's take for example Johnson & Johnson. Last year they made 61.9 billion in profit. In 2008 they made only 37 billion. In only two years they saw an almost 25 billion dollar jump. That's how many pills they are selling. More and more and more and more. Why? To feed us poison.

         The only reason marijuana is still illegal is because these big companies have a huge say in our government. They lobby our state legislatures or bribe them with campaign money like Merck just did for Rick Perry, a presidential candidate that wants to make it a LAW to give all females the HPV vaccine. This same vaccine has been linked to many deaths and many more severe complications in innocent females lives. The CDC is actually going door to door with nurses and telling people it is the law (when that is actually a lie). They are now trying to FORCE us to take vaccinations, but why? Hmmmm

        When you compare legal drugs the government tends to feed us and the illegal drugs we are fighting now that many people oppose, the results are quite intense. Here I have a little chart showing you the deaths and severe complications from the FDA.

         You can see that deaths and severe complications have been going up. From all the pills we take. All the vaccinations we are made to take. It seems as if they were for nothing. Cancer has tripled since the 50's. Mental issues in children is rising like never before. While sicknesses and deaths are going up, so are their profits. Here is another chart showing some interesting facts.

        This chart shows that just about every death from suicide, to drug induced (prescription drug), are astonishingly more than that of let's just say MARIJUANA. Even alcohol has caused over 23,000 deaths, whether it be liver cancer or just simply having too much alcohol in the body and overdosing. This chart was made possibly with information from 2008. You can only imagine what it might be at today.

        All I am trying to say here is that the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA have no intention to stop this. They will keep doing as long as people keep buying it. You have to realize that these big companies have a lot of money and power. They can do whatever they want and if they will make money on pills, even thought they kill people, they will continue. I personally refuse to take pills. I think that they do in fact inspire effects that I don't want or like.

       Along with the garbage commercials you see of people climbing mountains and riding bikes with their families, stating how happy they are because they started taking ZOLOFT or PAXIL when at the same time that drug realistically kills many people. Taking Viagra for example, this sexual stimulant has killed about 2,300 men last year. Compare it to the schedule 1 drug marijuana with 0 deaths ever since it's first use thousands of years ago in ancient China. It is disgusting. All of it is. Including drug testing. Drug testing is a violation of the Constitution. Bodily fluids, any bodily fluids, is personal and private. It is an invasion of privacy. Invasion of personal privacy is against what the Constitution says.

       If someone has a drug problem, we shouldn't be punishing them and putting them into jail. We should be treating them as patients. Treat them with a doctor. Putting a drug addict in jail will only turn that person into something worse. I think it makes more sense. In conclusion to this article, I state that our government is way into our own business now. The war on drugs is more of a failure than Obama yet they keep poisoning us with legal drugs. Half of the pills given to people today is legal cocaine. The U.S. government is taking care of POPPY FIELDS in AFGHANISTAN for crying out loud. Don't believe me? Watch this.

       What makes me laugh is when the soldier says, " we can deal with the trafficking afterwards ". HAHA! Wow. You all need to wake up to what is really going on in today's world. The U.S. helps grow the plants used to make heroin, morphine, and codeine. Then the U.S. government spends our tax money on "dealing with the trafficking later". Ridiculous. 
       You have learned here that the U.S. works with Al-QaedaJohsnon, MERCK, Bayer, and Pfizer. This is a problem along with many other problems. If you would like to sign a petition to make marijuana legal and taxable just like alcohol click on the link and sign the petition. In the mean time, people should start paying more attention to what's going on behind all the MTV and Hollywood. That is another article I will discuss in the future. Be strong, open your mind. History is the future. 


IF Cannabis was made legal it would help make the following....


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Occupy Wallstreet! Over 700 arrested!


       OCCUPY WALLSTREET has now been in operation for about 2 weeks now. The protest is EXTREMELY quickly gaining momentum all over the U. S. In the upcoming weeks it is said that up to 50 cities are going to be involved with this protest. So far New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Dallas, Boston, Seattle and Tampa were some of the select few that have gotten bigger over the week. In Boston, 20 people were arrested after walking into a CHASE bank and sitting down inside the bank to protest! If you would like to read more of what happened in New York City on the Brooklyn Bridge with peaceful protesters and police click here NYC 700 Arrested Associated Press. Everyday the groups seem to get bigger and bigger. This might be the start of a very important revolution. Most people have no idea but we need to wake people up to this! Some pictures and videos are posted at the end of this brief message.

        We Are Change. Remember, one person can't do much but together we can change the world. Join me and many other Chicagoans that are not just saying they care but SHOWING they care. Let's get to it. This is the most important time in our lives and a great moment to meet so many different people and make friends. This is the only time we can do something. PLEASE, take some time and think about it. The opportunity to take part of something so meaningful shows the true characteristics of humanity. I want a beautiful future for my children hence why I am partaking in this. TURN OFF THE TV AND COME OUT AND JOIN US! Check out some of these pictures and the video at the bottom is a must see! Shout out to Luke Rudkowski @ We Are Change New York City. Keep doing your thing!

UPDATE**** - As of 2:20am EST a little over 700 New Yorkers were arrested including children. The police no longer are here to protect us. They are paid of by the banks and now have no say. Viva la revolution!

UPDATE**** - JP MORGAN CHASE donated 4.6 million dollars to the NYPD! Their is huge amounts of corruption talk against the NYPD. NEW  video posted of what happened on the Brooklyn Bridge!